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Central Italy Car Tours With Driver

Visiting the most beautiful places in Central Italy, starting off from Florence, is something that we’ve made incredibly easy and comfortable with our Central Italy Car Tours. These are exclusive private tours with a driver that, kicking off from Tuscany, will take you on fascinating day trips to exceptional locations. You will be able to visit Rome, the Eternal City, as well as Assisi and Cortona with a private driver, but you’ll also be able to experience the charm of an evening stroll in Rome, because there is nothing like the magic of Rome at night. You will discover the greatest monuments of the Eternal City and some of the lesser-known places of the capital during this unforgettable guided tour by car.
With your private English-speaking driver, discovering the most beautiful places in Central Italy will be a one-of-a-kind and exclusive experience. Our private driver will prepare you with the highlights of each city, leaving you free to explore on your own or with an art historian guide if you should wish to have one.

Private Car Tours Tuscany from Florence

Choosing our Private Car Tours from Florence to discover central Italy means living out a true Italian experience, accessing the most exclusive itineraries accompanied by our professional drivers. With departures from Florence we will guide you on day trips to discover the most beautiful places on the central peninsula, as well as exciting car tours to Rome from Florence. Thanks to highly qualified staff we can guarantee first-class services, always at your side with professionalism and dedication. Discover all our exclusive tours!
  • Assisi from the foot of the hill

    A Spiritual Journey: Assisi and Calcata (from Rome)

    From:  600,00

    Take a break from the crowded streets of Rome to discover two enchanting towns that beautifully preserve the distinct spirit of Italian culture and its rich history. Learn why so many make a pilgrimage to Assisi and marvel at some of the Renaissance’s greatest works as well as medieval town squares, fabulous dining options and local shops selling delicacies and handicrafts.

  • Assisi: the Basilica S. Francis

    Full-Day: Assisi & Cortona Expedition

    From:  650,00

    The unique charm and ancient monuments of Assisi and Cortona are truly something to behold on this guided tour through the idyllic crossroads of the Tuscan and Umbrian countryside. See where they filmed ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’, and learn about the life of Saint Francisco as you meander through some of the oldest medieval streets.

  • Rome: A stunning view of the St. Peter Basilica's dome by night

    La Dolce Vita: Romantic Rome by Night

    From:  180,00

    There’s nothing quite like the magic of Rome at night. Experience some of the Eternal City’s greatest monuments as they glow under the moonlight and discover some of the city’s lesser-known treasures and stories during this guided driving tour.

  • Inside of Santa Prassede Basilica

    Religious Rome: The Sacred Sites of Christendom

    From:  250,00

    Step beyond the city walls and uncover the archaeological marvels that are the ancient tunnels of Rome’s catacombs. Our expert driving guide will help you gain a unique perspective of ancient Roman history and religious symbolism as you journey through the fascinating crypts, fountains and catacombs of this underground world.